Get that sync money

Sounzone is always looking for new and exciting music.
Join our exclusive roster and profit from placing your recordings
on advertisements, films, television and games.

Boost your momentum

We actively promote our artists on social media and via newsletter while
curating their presence on streaming websites with ad hoc playlists.
Never feel like you're lost under the waves again.

Zero Cost Distribution

A fifty-fifty split means no more upload or periodic fees
to maintain your catalogue online.

We've got your back

Sounzone offers free legal advice and consulting regarding
licensing issues that may arise from the handling of the tracks
you uploaded with us as well as protection against any
unwarranted uses of your music.

By artists, for artists

Contractual transparency, fair remuneration and careful
promotion of our artists are the very pillars of Sounzone
because that's what we want for ourselves


FAQ for artists

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